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See What Others Are Saying About Our Safe-T-Stand Guitar Stand

"First, I want to say, I am not sponsored by and do not work with this company Safe-T-Stand ... so, this is not a paid advertisement.
I received this guitar stand in the mail yesterday and am blown away !!! Not only is this such a cool idea , but it is a work of art ! They thought of everything. It's a well built guitar stand made of Bamboo ( a renewable resource ... which I love ). It's soooo easy to set up ... ( I didn't even need the directions) although there is a 4 page picture guide enclosed. There's a place on the unit to put your guitar picks ... ( and in my case a guitar slide ) ... there's a slot to insert a microphone and a soft slip free neoprene padded bottom guard for you guitar and a handy bag that you can slide everything into compactly when you're packing up !" Chris Nash | Santa Monica, CA

"This is the bomb, especially for players who need something that will fit right into a gig bag. Those with combo amps may find it right at home in their setup." Jimmy Manone | Tucson, AZ

"One of the best new products on the market! This stand rules! Must buy for any guitarist." Steve Bonacci | Las Vegas, NV

"Wow! I just started using mine and I'm WAY impressed. What a clever and ingenious product." Paul J. Mills | Las Vegas, NV

"So much more secure than those crappy guitar stands." Bruce Krupnik | Lead Guitarist, Orphan Jon and the Abandoned