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Introducing The Safe-T-Stand Professional Guitar Stand

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"They thought of everything. It's a well built guitar stand made of Bamboo ( a renewable resource ... which I love ). There's a place on the unit to put your guitar picks ... ( and in my case a guitar slide ) ... there's a slot to insert a microphone and a soft slip free neoprene padded bottom guard for you guitar and a handy bag that you can slide everything into compactly when you're packing up !"

Chris Nash, Santa Monica, CA

"This is the bomb, especially for players who need something that will fit right into a gig bag.  Those with combo amps may find it right at home in their setup."

Jimmy Manone | Tucson, AZ

"One of the best new products on the market! This stand rules! Must buy for any guitarist."

Steve Bonacci | Las Vegas, NV

"Wow! I just started using mine and I'm WAY impressed. What a clever and ingenious product."

Paul J. Mills | Las Vegas, NV

"So much more secure than those crappy guitar stands."

Bruce Krupnik | Lead Guitarist, Orphan Jon and the Abandoned

"Unique and elegant replacement for old style guitar stands.
Gives you more space on stage and less equipment to carry."

K Levine, Las Vegas, NV

"Spectacular piece of kit!!!"

Colin Peterson, Griffith, IN

This guitar stand is portable, easy to use and most importantly, it can be carried around in a gig bag. A win-win for me. Now how come nobody's come up with it before? Brilliant!

Burnin' Guitfiddle, YouTube User

"Definitely a must have product! My husband is extremely happy with his!"

Heather Roses, Facebook User

Safe-T-Stand Promises


Manufactured from Food Service Standard renewable bamboo. Unique and artful design increases guitar security without depleting the world’s resources and WON'T SPLINTER.


We're confident you will love the Safe-T-Stand. Designed and used by lifelong performing guitarists. If it is not everything you hoped for, send it back within 30 days and we'll provide a full refund.

Safe, Simple, Secure

The Safe-T-Stand system fits in your Gig Bag or Guitar Case. You can walk right in to your next gig, carrying your guitar on your back, your amp in one hand, leaving your other hand free.

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