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Our Story

Welcome to Safe-T-Stand! Chances are if you found us, you're a professional guitarist, an aspiring one or know someone who is. 

Come along for a brief ride. You'll be glad you did. 

The Safe-T-Stand is a wholly unique #GuitarStand. It was born in 2018 from a chance encounter at a Sam Ash store in Las Vegas. A student there was taking a break and simply leaned his guitar against an amp before heading off somewhere else. We've all done it, right?

Well, the instructor rightfully chastised him. Told him if he was going to be so careless as to lean his guitar against the amp, at least turn it around so the strings would provide friction and (hopefully) keep the guitar from getting knocked over. 

Bad things can occur when that happens, you know?

Of course, the popular solution is the traditional tripod guitar stand. And they work great, until a wayward pull on an instrument cable, or a simple misstep can send your guitar crashing. Ouch. That's certainly not good and we all know that many tripod stands are very 'tippy'.

On that day at Sam Ash, the idea came to mind that if you could USE THE AMP, leverage its weight and heft, you'd have a MUCH MORE STABLE setup than a tripod stand. Best of all, if you did it right, the device would be small enough to fit in your gig bag or guitar case. This minimize load in and out effort. Pretty cool!

In the ensuing months, a collection of professional and aspiring guitar buddies started experimenting with design concepts and testing prototypes. In late 2018, we have perfected what we honestly feel is the world's best on-stage guitar stand designed specifically for the #GiggingGuitarist.

The Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand:

  • Made of high quality Bamboo. Think of a high-end cutting board. That is the material we use. Best of all, bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood. It grows unbelievably quickly so we are not depleting the world's precious wood resources.
  • Fits conveniently in your gig bag or guitar case. Other stands are much larger and often times require an extra trip to the van.
  • Contains several unique features specifically engineered for the professional guitarist:
    • An adjustable, lockable off-axis mic slot
    • A convenient pick slot that will also hold your slide, spare battery or even nail files
    • An adjustable 'biscuit' which makes the Safe-T-Stand work with almost any 16"-21" stage / combo amp