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Zepparella - My ULTIMATE tribute band. A close second, AC/DC Tribute Band "Thigh Voltage." More on them in a later post.

I ran across Zepparella on Youtube.  Before that, I'd never heard of them.  I fell in love.  What could be better than hot women playing Led Zepplin well?  Then I had a chance to see them in person.  They came to Las Vegas on a really cold night.  They played the "Beauty Bar," a curious place where the stage is out back next to the trash cans.  Regardless, I froze my ass off with a non stop smile on my face.  Also there were a group of guys from the UK, who had flown over just for this gig.

First, they were GREAT! 

Second, they were really easy on the eyes. 

Third, they were the LOUDEST band I have EVER seen. 

Fourth, they were QUITE personable.  Lead Guitarist, Gretchen Menn, took time to talk to a beginner like me about what tuning she uses for "Levee." These are really serious musicians.

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