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Tribute to Hal Blaine, Drummer for the "Wrecking Crew." RIP

I used to do some recording sessions for Jack Nietzsche back in the day, of course I was in awe of him and Tim Drummond and some of these other guys that he had been using on those sessions. They all would say the same thing, there is no drummer finer for making records than Hal Blaine. Spookily enough, I just sent him a Facebook friend request a couple of days ago and he accepted it. I wrote to him and said I could not be more honored! The work that you have accomplished in your lifetime will never be forgotten. Long live the world's greatest Studio drummer. 

Barry Levenson

“Hal Blaine was such a great musician and friend that I can’t put it into words,” Brian Wilson wrote on Twitter Monday after news of the legendary session drummer’s death began to circulate. “Hal taught me a lot, and he had so much to do with our success — he was the greatest drummer ever.”




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