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Safe-T-Stand User Information

                               Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand User Information

You are now the owner of a Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand! The Safe-T-Stand is a Simple, Elegant, and SECURE method of securing your guitar, especially in an “on stage” environment. Made of natural, renewable bamboo, a grass, not wood, this elegant device works in concert with the weight and heft of your amplifier by fitting through the amplifier carry handle.  The neck of your guitar fits in a precisely designed neck slot.  Turning the guitar slightly sideways, and giving the guitar a slight upward tilt, the player places the guitar neck in the slot.  After repositioning the guitar parallel to the amplifier, it would take a truly unusual sequence of events to dislodge it.  Guitar security is greatly increased.  Because this added security takes place immediately adjacent to the amplifier, less space is taken up on stage AND because the Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand fits conveniently in a player’s guitar case or gig bag, additional trips to outside transportation are minimized.

 Please inspect your package to ensure all parts are present. If not, please call us at (844) 723-3833.

 If you purchased a Basic Model, GP1310, you will have the bamboo non “nesting” Safe-T-Stand, and a shim/wedge.

 The Enhanced Model, GP1410 includes the same, with the exception of the “nesting” biscuit and flexible magnets installed.

 The Basic Model KIT adds the blue velvet luxury carry bag and the logo floor mat.

 The Enhanced Model KIT includes the same. 

 The Pro Kit includes one of each model, with matching pieces for each, including shim/wedges, adhesive backed felt, flexible magnets.

 There is minor user assembly required. If you ordered the Enhanced Model with nesting biscuit, you will need to peel off the adhesive backing from the magnets and place them in the “nest” and on the back of the “biscuit.”  Please stick the magnet close to the top of the biscuit and the nest so as not to cover the lower part of the biscuit that slips into the receiving slot on the Safe-T-Stand itself.

 With the Basic Model, with non “nesting biscuit,” designed for Fender Tweeds, some VOX and Marshall, and other top mount control amplifiers, you can either leave your biscuit loose, or fasten it to Safe-T-Stand using the included flexible magnets.  The Basic Model lacks the ability to “nest” – but that is necessary to ensure the Safe-T-Stand works with these very popular amplifier models.

 For each model, we have provided adhesive backed felt to be used to cushion both the shim/wedge and the guitar neck slot.  These are wearable items, readily available at your local craft store.  We have included a little extra for your future use.  Simply measure the length of felt you will need for each application, cut with scissors or craft knife, and press into place. 

 The provided shim/wedge is designed to give your Safe-T-Stand extra lift, making it easier to place the guitar neck in the slot.  This is especially useful with acoustics and large body electrics. Please leave the shim/wedge loose. That allows one to adapt a single Safe-T-Stand to multiple amplifiers.  For example, some amps have top vents for heat dissipation.  Covering these vents risks amp overheating.  Please use caution. Other amplifiers have tone controls on top. 

 Some amplifiers have controls that mandate inserting Safe-T-Stand through the handle from the front, and placing the guitar behind the amplifier.  This is actually the most secure position for your guitar.  Most importantly, you have options!

Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand is fashioned from bamboo.  While it shares many characteristics with wood, it’s not.  Bamboo is actually a grass.  But don’t try to smoke it!  We think it is quite the elegant piece and since it’s as natural a material as your guitar, we think the two go quite well together!  Certainly they go better together than a guitar stand made of plastic or metal that doesn’t provide the same level of security and takes up space on stage. 

Bamboo is harder than maple, but weighs less and is more resistant to moisture.  Having said this, constant exposure to dry air can impact your bamboo Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand like it would your guitar.  Be mindful of ambient humidity.  Safe-T-Stand is happiest in the same humidity that makes your guitars happy.  Check your Safe-T-Stand for dryness and possible splintering regularly.  A regular LIGHT application of tuning oil provides protection from the elements.  In some cases, after exposure to ultra dry air, a light going over with fine grit sand paper will keep your Safe-T-Stand in peak condition.

Lastly, please know that we are a small business but are striving to give you the ABSOLUTE BEST Product and BEST Customer Service possible. If you find anything wrong with your Safe-T-Stand, or if you have questions, suggestions, etc…, please let us know before posting anything negative online. Things can always happen and we’d love to have the opportunity to make things right with you.

Nevertheless, once you’ve used your Safe-T-Stand, we would be MOST appreciative if you’d return to our website and leave an HONEST REVIEW. Online Customer Reviews are the most trusted form of advertising and will really help us grow our business AND ensure that we continue to improve our products and service.

Best Regards,

The Co-Founders of Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand

(844) 723-3833

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