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Safe-T-Stand Co-Founder Tony Grassano Will Be Joining This Blog

Tony is a great guitar player, and an even better person.  He's a Telecaster man who has been playing since his early teens.  He's the lead guitar player for the hot Las Vegas band, "The Rum Runners." He cut his teeth on early surf music.

That said, following Tony around on his regular pawn shop runs is quite the experience.  He knows what to look for.  He knows what to buy and for how much.  For example, he found me a Carvin Clubmaster 100 watt 1 x 12" combo amp for a price less than the EV 12L speaker was worth.  He's been reading guitar and amp magazines and knows guitars, amp, and gear as well as I know cars, the industry I spent over half a century in.  I finally had to curtail my pawn shop trips with Tony as my house is overflowing. 

He will be here to tell of some of his experiences and to provide advice on where to look for certain items.  For example, he can point you at bargain EV PA systems that include an epic guitar speaker most people don't know about.  Or where to find valuable vintage tubes in old Hammond living room organs.  He has great stories from life on the road as a guitar player.

The picture is of the Rum Runners Band. 


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