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#RugglesOnGuitars - Safe-T-Stand Co-Founder David Ruggles Starts Another Venture

David Ruggles, long time US and Japanese Automotive Retailing expert has entered into yet another impressive venture, this time in a totally new industry.

"I've always loved music," said Ruggles. "Played piano when I was in high school. God that was so many years ago but feels like yesterday."

Ruggles' new venture is The Safe-T-Stand is a patent-pending wholly new and unique #GuitarStand. It was born out of his rediscovery of playing music a few years ago at the age of 67.

"When I decided to retire, I wanted to get back into music. I thought I'd start back on keyboards and add guitar. I quickly became enamored with the guitar.

Since I have a home in Las Vegas, I have unique access to some of the country's best professional musicians. Along the way, I've met some wonderful people. Some are partners in our new Safe-T-Stand business."

According to Ruggles, the Safe-T-Stand is unique in many ways.

"It's specifically designed for the on-stage guitarist. It's made of this beautiful bamboo. Most people don't know this, but bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood. It grows unbelievably fast so we're not depleting our precious wood resources.

It also fits into a gig bag or guitar case which minimizes load in and out effort. 

And it has some truly unique features the performing guitarist will really appreciate. There is a built-in off-axis mic holder and an integrated pick-slot which not only holds extra guitar picks but can also hold a slide and even fingernail files."

Most importantly, says Ruggles, it protects your guitar and takes up very little stage space.

"Unlike the typical tripod guitar stand, that takes up its own space and can easily be knocked over, the Safe-T-Stand works in concert with the player's amplifier. It is much more secure and takes up very little stage space."

To help promote his new venture, Ruggles has created the #RugglesOnGuitars Blog. He will be expressing his unique views on the industry along with some amazing tales with his proven ability to bring it all to the written page. His previous automotive writings which include The Ruggles Report, Autos & Economics and freelance writings for Ward's Dealer Business and Automotive Digest have all received critical acclaim.

To learn more, you can contact Ruggles via his blog at

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