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RipCat Records

This is SoCal Blues at its finest.  I can personally vouch for Orphan Jon, Barry Levenson, The Blasters, and Kid Ramos.  Johnny Main, of the 44's, accompanied Orphan John on a recent Midwest tour.  So I know "The 44s" are smokin'!

KayKay (The Girl with Faraway Eyes) Jagger steers the ship.  I had to be reminded of what a music hub Bakersfield CA is during a recent visit to see Orphan Jon for the first time.  Buck Owens and Merle Haggard both hail from Bakersfield.  The Chrystal Palace is there. 

I can't wait to get back!

The pic is of Shawna McCarty and Lipz Wilson at O'Hennings in Bakersfield at a RipCat event. Shawna got up on stage and performed with Orphan Jon.  Later on in the evening, a guitar duel erupted between "The 44s" "evil Johnny Main," and "The Kid."  It was reminiscent of Steve Vai and Ry Cooder trading licks in the movie "Crossroads." "The Kid" was playing through Barry Levenson's prized Super Reverb, modified by Howard Dumble himself.  Let's just say the Super Reverb might not have experienced volume levels like that ever.  It was quite a night.

RipCat Records - Their Cats Rip!  Their roster of musicians include the following:

Black Market III

Bob Frank

The Blasters

Kid Ramos

Jade Bennett

Orphan Jon and the Abandoned

Alastair Greene

The Blue Shadows

The 44’s 

Ted Z and the Wranglers

John Clifton

Barry Levenson

Johnny Mastro and Mama’s Boys

Blue Lunch

Gino Matteo

Whiteboy James and the Blues Express

Lynwood Slim

Lisa Cee

Ron Dziubla

KK Martin


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