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Rip Cat Records, Barry Levenson, Shawna McCarty, On the Corner of Blues and Jazz

Co Founder Barry Levenson has a long history with guitar and, in particular, the blues.  A producer and recording artist for RipCat Records, Barry was fortunate enough to get in on the tail end of the classic blues players, backing Big Mama Thornton as a mere youngster.  I suspect he was a true child prodigy on guitar, even though he won't cop to it.  He is simply amazing.  He's a clinic for guitar players, especially as it regards the Blues. The pic is of the CD cover of Barry's most recent CD, "The Visit," made for RipCat records, one of our favorite labels these days.  You can check it out on YouTube at the link. In particular, check out the song "Ice Cold Kiss."

You'll hear Barry playing as background to our Safe-T-Stand video at the tab on our home page.

Barry recently produced a blues CD for Orphan Jon and the Abandoned

Listen to Barry's playing on "Leave My Blues Alone."  Bruce Krupnik, lead guitarist for the band, plays a major role.  The production is just amazing.

Barry has teamed up with local Blues Artist Shawna McCarty.  They are known as "On the Corner," that's of Jazz and Blues.  Three songs are in the can, with more to come. 

Included on Barry's resume are years on the road with Canned Heat.  He's written the liner notes for over 50 albums and Cds. His Chicago Blues inspired CD with Johnny Dyer is epic.  You might be able to find it on Storyville Records.  I found mine on eBay.

Listen to Hard Times Won on YouTube

The song was nominated for a W.C. Handy award.  When you hear it, you'll understand why. 

More on RipCat and Shawna McCarty in subsequent posts.






  • Nice review but isn’t their band called, On the Corner and not One the Corner?

  • Too COOL!! I LOVED IT!


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