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My Ultimate Guitar

Some of the more astute readers might have noticed a picture of a guitar on the previous blog post.  My journey has culminated, so far, with a Bernie Hamburger custom built 5 string Telecaster, the guitar he intended to build for Keith Richards.  Bernie was in London discussing a guitar build for George Harrison.  He had built a custom guitar for Carl Perkins, George's idol.  Keith had another engagement and missed their appointment.  Bernie did build at least one guitar for George as well as one for Paul McCartney.  But the "Keef Guitar" didn't get built until Barry Levenson, an outstanding player in his own right, introduced me to Bernie Hamburger.  When I mentioned Open G tuning, he told me his story, and voila! 

Natural swamp ash, tung oiled, Joe Barden "Danny Gatton" model pickups, custom 5 string neck, Gotoh tuners, 4 way switching.  When Bernie makes you a guitar, one has to allocate time to visit his workshop while he shapes the neck to the player's hand.

So we posted a picture of the guitar on Facebook, and a gentlemen from Pittsburgh quickly noticed the 5 strings, narrow fret board, etc.,and gave me chapter and verse on what I had.  So Mr. David Lawrence, master magician and guitar player, received one of the first Safe-T-Stands in existence as a promotional gift. 

One never knows what a salient comment on our blog might result in. Perhaps a free promo Safe-T-Stand.  :)

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