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My Story

I've been a blues lover since I figured out the Rolling Stones were a blues band, playing American music not properly acknowledged and recognized in our own country.  Yea, I was one of those white kids who initially thought "Love in Vain" was a Stones original.

After a lengthy career in automotive and finance, I decided to hang it up.  Doesn't everyone need a retirement hobby?  I decided to learn to play the guitar, blues guitar in particular, at age 67.  I had had some background on piano as a kid.  I thought I'd start back on keyboards and add guitar.  I quickly became enamoured with the guitar.   Almost three years has elapsed.  My Yamaha keyboard gathers dust, although its helpful when figuring out chords, since my mind still sees a keyboard when figuring out the notes for a particular chord.  I had learned the Beatles songbook in 1966, playing the melody with my right hand and mostly chords with my left. But I was a rank beginner when I bought my first guitar, a Jameson acoustic with a pickup.  That was followed by a Fender Squier Strat, then another Squier Strat.  I had been introduced to Open G tuning, and felt I needed a purpose strung and tuned guitar to attempt to play the Keith Richards/Stones style songs that pleased me.  I realize I won't live long enough to be a "real" musician.  But along the way, I've met some wonderful people and some serious musicians.  Some are partners in our Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand business. 

My purpose is to chronicle my journey and impart wisdom that certainly doesn't come from me, but from the great players who let me hand out with them.  There might be some shameless plugs along the way for our Pro Guitar Safe-T-Stand, which has resulted from my personal journey. I will identify and mention particular music events, many in the Las Vegas area where we live.  But there will be others, in particular, the Leon Russell commemoration concert in Tulsa Oklahoma, to be held February 9th, at Will Rogers High School.  It will be a REALLY BIG DEAL.  More on that later.  So here we go...


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