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Korina, Limba, Koa, etc.

Korina and Koa are two different woods, although both are prized by guitar builders. Koa comes from Hawaii while Korina comes from Africa. Korina is also known as "Limba."  Koa has a little more red in it than Korin.  Korina wood is usually a little lighter in weight and brighter in tone. The consensus is that Korina works better for electric guitar & Koa wins on an acoustic. Iconic guitars like Gibson Flying V and Explorer were initially made from Korina, which is more difficult to work with than most other guitar woods. Gibson Korina Flying Vs and Korina Explorers are two of the most rare and  sought-after vintage guitars on the market. ​

So one day, I was scrolling through the Michael Kelly guitars site. I came across their CC50 Burl Burst, a beautiful guitar with gold/brass hardware, a burl maple top, birds eye maple fret board, and a KORINA body.  I was mind blown that a guitar this beautiful, made from wood so rare, could be offered for such a reasonable price.  So I pulled the trigger.  It exceeded my expectations, but I was driven to tinker.  We had to go with the pearl pick guard with matching knob tops.  To complete the package, we went with Joe Barden "Danny Gatton" model dual rail humbucker pickups. 

I think its kinda attractive.  Complete it cost less than a factory Fender Telecaster Pro.

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