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Jim Poisson - Advantage Guitar

Our first Las Vegas retailer.  That's "POISON" with an extra "S."  That's Jim on the far right.  He runs Advantage Guitar, a local go to store for all things guitar. For a little perspective, B.B. King entrusted Jim with his "Lucilles" and vintage Gibson amps.  A capable guitarist in his own right, we expect Jim to be back out playing in public soon.  In addition to Jim and myself on far left, is Barry Levenson, next to me, and Tony Grassano, next to Jim.  The picture was taken at Advanced Guitar.

Jim gets some really great vintage pieces in his shop.  He currently has a 1964 Blackface Fender Super Reverb.  The primary reason I mention it, is I'd really like to buy it, but I have no room.  So maybe a reader will take it off his hands and relieve me of the temptation. 

Regardless, when he gets something particularly noteworthy, well make mention. 

BTW, he also has a really nice vintage Peavey VTM 60, the ultimate Peavey head of all time.

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