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Vintage Collector Amplifier For Sale

Barry Levenson - I'm selling my 1928 Boogie amplifier that's been modified by Howard Dumble and Rodger Daltrey. The amp has nine 15 in speakers and a stereo input. It was used by Stevie Ray Vaughan on Riviera Paradise and C.C. Deville on Suck My Love Pump. I'm asking 11,000 but I'll go higher. This is a tone demon from early Paul Anka 2 Lil Wayne. Comes with a capo autographed by Giuseppe Reynaldo inventor of the Capo and a set of strings that were once used by Paula Abdul. I hate to let this thing go but times are tough and I'm out of work so if you know anyone that may be interested just give them my number.

Carl Popek, Amp wizard - Absolutely not worth 11K ...... come on Barry the original two prong power was switched out a modern 3 prong power cord and one of rubber feet clearly shows a 1935 replacement. i cant can’t believe you are trying to sell as a original

Barry - I know what you're saying , but this one comes with batteries and a Sovtek vibrator that's only been used twice, by the girl group Love Muffin.. that clearly justifies the price. Not to mention that Elvis's guitar player used one of these on Blue Hawaii! In lieu of what you're saying I will go down to $10,000 but not a penny less. 

The pic is Barry's partner in On the Corner, Shawna "Legs" McCarty, singing the Blues for you Wednesdays, at Champagnes, Las Vegas, where you can pet the wall paper.  Yea, its flocked from the 70's.  Frank Sinatra probably rubbed against it at one time.

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