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Co Founder Jack Wojack will be Joining our BLOG

Jack just picked up the guitar as another hobby.  His primary hobby is his black Factory 5 Racing Cobra.  Jack is a manufacturers rep for specialty auto parts, with extensive experience in injection molded plastic and sourcing from China. 

He just acquired an Ampeg Gemini II amplifier he is quite proud of.  Barry Levenson says they might have the best reverb EVER.  And Barry knows his stuff. 

Maybe Jack will tell us the story of the acquisition of the Ampeg, the amp in early pictures of the Rolling Stones.  I think he's caught the bug the rest of us have.  "GAS."  That stands for Guitar Acquisition Syndrome OR GEAR Acquisition Syndrome. It actually has the original tubes in it.

Jack is also an audiophile, with a vintage Scott tube amplifier powering vintage Klipsch Heresy speakers.  He recently acquired one of the hi level TEAC turntables to play his vintage vinyl on.  Yea, he's our kind of guy! You know there's always stories around the acquisition of cool vintage gear! 

We also like vintage audio around here too.  Anyone who wants to talk about their vintage audio gear AND their precious vintage vinyl is welcome.  We also want to know about CURRENT vinyl releases, as well.

I'm always looking for quadradial discrete 4 channel vinyl to round out my collection.


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