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Co Founder Bernie Hamburger, Back stage with Bob Seger

"Hi Friends! Many thanks to guitarist Mark Chatfield, of Bob Seger's Silver Bullet Band, for giving me the call to do some guitar work, and giving me a working crew back stage pass, thus allowing me to see the entire concert! As shown in the photos, I was almost close enough to untie Bob Seger's shoes, while taking these photos!"

Mark Chatfield, Bob Seger's lead guitar player, is famous in his own right.  He established Las Vegas' iconic CowTown Guitars many years ago.  Bernie keeps Mark's guitars up to snuff. 

Bernie has great stories. One of the best is when he was called up on to fix Pete Townshend's pickup on his favorite guitar and ended up playing all of Pete's parts WITH the entire band, while Pete sat in the back of the venue critiquing the band's sound.  So we can honestly say, our co founder "played with The Who."  

What a sound check that must have been.  According to Bernie, Pete drowned one of his pickups with his own perspiration, and shorted it out.  Yea, Pete's known for his energetic performances! 

And Bernie's performances?  Not only does Bernie make great guitars for some of the best known guitarists in the world, he is quite the performer himself.  Who else would dress "in drag" as a nun? That's Bernie on the left in the pic.


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