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Co Founder Bernie Hamburger and the Who

Noted custom guitar builder, Bernie Hamburger, and a Safe-T-Stand co founder has had MANY interesting experiences.  A guitar player and music fan since his teenage years, Bernie spent decades at Ford Motor Company before becoming one of the world's foremost guitar builders.

But imagine this - The Who are in town to play their make up concert to replace the one that was cancelled when Keith Moon suddenly passed away.  Pete Townshend picks up his favorite guitar, and one of the pickups is dead.  So a call goes out to Bernie late on a Friday afternoon.  Bernie arrives, but Pete is frantic, as only a rich, iconic, entitled, guitar superstar can be.  Bernie calmly explains there are no pickups within easy reach in Las Vegas traffic on Friday afternoon, so why not let me take a pick up out of your guitar least likely to be used for the show, and put it in this one?  "Ok," says Pete.  15 minutes later, Bernie hands it to Pete, who hands it right back to him.  "I know you play a little," says Pete.  Says Bernie, "Yup, I know your songs AND your lead lines."  SO Pete decides to take a seat up in the venue for sound check with Bernie Hamburger playing his guitar parts WITH THE REST OF THE BAND! 

As the soundcheck goes on, Pete simply nods his head in tacit approval.

The pic is Bernie in "Gig Garb."

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