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Maddy - A Las Vegas Dog Story

Las Vegas is a remarkable town.  Few people are from here.  Its a melting pot from  across the nation.  One thing is for certain.  There is a concentration of talent here that is undeniable.  Yes, we only have a population of about 2 million here, versus the big metros like Chicago, New York, LA, etc., but since this is an entertainment destination, we have our fair share of talent here.  Nashville is obviously in the running as well. 

We have a supporter of live music here in Sin City, by the name of Randy Smith.  Randy's service dog was named Maddy.  A delightful border collie, she went everywhere with him, including the musical venues, where she would calmly go on stage with the band playing at full volume, and curl up at the feet of her favorite guitar player, or even in front of the kick bass.  She was the much loved de facto mascot of the music community here.  And she was suddenly taken from us.  Sometimes I think Randy, who was stricken by the loss, takes it better than the rest of us.  He is a strong dude. 

Randy, a fledgling guitar player, set out to put together a band and original music dedicated to Maddy.  Randy is a fledgling guitar but can put together lyrics. 

Randy and Paul J. Mills, a local standout guitar player, combined on an outstanding CD, with their band "Maddy's Army."  A series of events was held, including a CD introduction party, at venues across town, with donations given to help provide service dogs to disabled veterans.  Proceeds of CD sales also go to help disabled veterans get service dogs.

"Maddy's Army" is truly an all star group, and includes Paul J. Mills, Bob Ashman, Tom Parham, Rick Watson, Tim Gonzales, and Jon Hui.

To see and hear the amazing Mr. Mills at work, click on the link:

I'll post more links to the CD as I get them.






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  • Such a worthy cause.

    Karen Lynn Person

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